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API - Terms and Conditions

1. Authorization and License

1.1 By registering an account on MyITS and obtaining authorization, you can access and use the API services.

1.2 You agree to comply with the authorization agreements of MyITS and the exchange, and use the API according to their provisions.

2. Usage Restrictions

2.1 You agree to adhere to the usage restrictions of the API, including but not limited to request frequency, data access limitations, etc.

2.2 You shall not attempt in any way to circumvent or violate these restrictions.

3. Data Usage and Protection

3.1 You agree that the data obtained through the API will be used solely for legal and authorized purposes.

3.2 You shall not use the data obtained through the API for any illegal, infringing, or fraudulent activities.

3.3 You shall comply with relevant copyright and privacy regulations, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of the data.

4. Security Measures

4.1 You are responsible for safeguarding the security of your API keys and access credentials.

4.2 You should take appropriate security measures, including but not limited to maintaining the confidentiality of API keys and using secure network connections.

5. Liability and Risk

5.1 You assume the risks associated with using the API.

5.2 MyITS or the exchange shall not be liable for any losses or damages resulting from your use of the API.

6. Termination and Modification

6.1 MyITS or the exchange reserves the right to terminate or modify the provision of the API at any time.

6.2 MyITS will provide advance notice of any changes related to termination or modification.

Note: Users should carefully read and comply with MyITS's official terms and conditions.

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