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How to connect to Binance?

Updated: 21 hours ago

To allow your bot to interact with Binance, you will need to create an API Key. This key acts as a connection between MyITS and the exchange, enabling your bot to perform tasks such as placing automated orders and accessing your balance for its calculations.

Essentially, the API Key serves as a way for your bot to communicate with the exchange and execute the actions necessary for automated trading.


Step 01

If you haven't already, go to Binance's website and create an account. Click here: Create Binance's website.

Step 02

Verify your account and get started on the API by navigating to API Management.

Step 03

1)Click on "Create API" on the API management page,

2)Select "System Generated",

3)Name the API as "MyITS",

4)Click on "Next".

Step 04

Proceed with Google verification and secure identity authentication.

Step 05

After completing the identity verification, copy the API KEY from the API you have successfully created.

Step 06

1)Log in to the MyITS homepage, 

2)click on 'API', 

3)on the 'API' page, click on the link icon next to 'Binance'.

**MyITS accounts can be registered through the registration link or by a referral link from your friend. Click here: to get the registration link

Step 07

1) Paste the copied 'API KEY' into the MyITS API KEY field.

2) Return to the Binance API page and copy the 'Secret Key' again.

3) Paste the copied 'Secret Key' into the MyITS Secret Key field."

Step 08

1) Copy the IP address from MyITS.

2) Paste it into the 'Trusted IP Access' field on the Binance API.

3) Click “Confirm”.

Step 09

Enable “Spot & Margin Trading” once you click confirm

Warning: Do not authorize withdrawal access. MyITS will not handle any withdrawal-related issues in your exchange.

Step 10

1)Click on "Save" on the Binance API page.

2)After completing the security authentication, the API will display the successful edit.

Step 11

1)Log in to the MyITS API page.

2)Read and agree to the MyITS terms and conditions.

3)Click on "Bind Spot API" to complete the binding.


1)Return to the MyITS homepage.

2)Click on "API."

3)The API status will be displayed as "Binded.”

Get $50 profit on your first binding

1)After completing the API binding, log in to the MyITS homepage.

2)Click on "Transaction Records"; the wallet will display that 50 USDT has been received.

3)Immediately activate the trading robot to earn 50 USD in profits without any transaction fees. Click here: to activate the trading robot

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