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What's Position Multiplier?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Position multiplier refers to the leverage allowed on your capital, enabling you to increase the number of trading bots you can activate.

Here's an example:

Let's say you have an initial investment of 1,000 USDT with a position multiplier of x1.5, which gives you a position limit of 1,500 USDT.

This means that the 1,500 position limit can be divided into 2, allowing you to activate 2 bots instead of 1.

Note: Each trading pair requires 750 USDT, so with a position multiplier of x1.5, you can activate two trading pairs.


Position Multiplier (Ratio)

Position Limit(USDT)



















Why do I need to set it?

The position multiplier is set to enable users to leverage their capital and enhance their trading opportunities. By using a position multiplier, users can trade with a larger position size than their initial investment, potentially increasing their potential profits.

Additionally, when activating a trading pair, users typically do not exhaust the entire 750 USDT for 60 transactions all at once. This enables users to utilize the remaining funds to activate another trading pair.

This approach enhances the likelihood of profitability and allows users to potentially earn profits more quickly.


You can choose your desired position multiplier in the settings. However, for safety purposes, MyITS recommends setting the position multiplier to 1:1.3. This conservative approach helps maintain a balanced and secure trading strategy.

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